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DVI-D 24+5 Socket to HDMI Plug Digital Adapter Converter (DHA-001088)
Plugs on to the end of a DVI Cable to change it into a HDMI male plug. 

Please be aware that this cable is designed to work with DVI-D cables only and will not work with DVI-A these cables usually have 4 pins next to the horizontal slit 2 above and 2 below.

Bi Directional so can also convert from a HDMI source to a DVI-D cable.
£6.99  Inc Tax
Dynamode Bi-Directional IDE to SATA Adapter (IDE-SATA-SI)
  • Connect a SATA drive to a legacy IDE port, or an IDE drive to a SATA motherboard port
  • Cost-effective solution for upgrading existing IDE systems to support SATA drives
  • Unique status LED shows activity
  • Fully SATA compliant and supports ATA100/133
  • No drivers required
Contents: Adaptor, power cable and SATA data cable

Note: May not be compatible with all optical drives
£8.50  Inc Tax
Dynamode HDMI Male to VGA Female Converter Cable (C-HDMI-VGA)
If you have HDMI in a device you would like to connect to your monitor via the VGA input, then this adapter is the solution for you!

Note: This cable is not bi-directional, so you can not connect a VGA device to a HDMI monitor.
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£9.99  Inc Tax
HDMI Female Socket to DVI-D 25 Pin Male Plug Converter (CDL-DV006)
The CDL-DV006 is a DVI-D to HDMI adaptor this adaptor uses the digital signals from the the DVI-D connector for HDMI use.

Please note DVI-D does not carry audio so the HDMI output will have no audio.
£6.99  Inc Tax
Sandberg DisplayPort to HDMI Converter (508-28)
DisplayPort is a port standard for digital audio and video.  If you have DisplayPort in a device you would like to connect to your TV via the HDMI input, then this adapter is the solution for you!
£12.99  Inc Tax
USB 2.0 Type-C Adapter - A Female to C Male (A-USB2-CMAF-01)
Enables you to connect your existing USB peripherals to any PC with USB Type-C port.

Compact space saving design.
£5.00  Inc Tax
USB 2.0 Type-C female to USB A Adapter (A-USB2-AMCF-01)
Enables you to connect your Type-C USB peripherals to a computer with regular (Type-A) USB ports
Compact space saving design
£5.00  Inc Tax
USB 3.0 Type-C Adapter - A Female to C Male (A-USB3-CMAF-01)
USB 3.0 type-C (male) to type-A (female) adapter plug.

Enables connecting any standard USB 3.0 or 2.0 device to new type-C USB ports
£5.00  Inc Tax
USB A Male to Male Plug (UAD-008612)
This A male to A male adapter connects two USB sockets (A type female) together.  Ideal if your hard drive needs a short A to A connection.

Note: USB has 5m limit, so please ensure when both cables are connected they do not exceed this length.
£5.99  Inc Tax
VGA 15 pin Video Socket to DVI-I 24+5 Analogue Adapter (DAD-000999)

Take the stress out of printing with the four-colour 104 ink series. It's designed to give you a hassle-free, ultra-low-cost and mess-free solution for everyday printing. From one set of ink, you can produce thousands of pages without having to change a cartridge. When a refill is finally due, it's easy and mess-free thanks to the re-engineered bottles.

This ink is compatible with the following models:

  • EcoTank ET-2710
  • EcoTank ET-2711
  • EcoTank ET-2720
  • EcoTank ET-2726
  • EcoTank ET-4700
£5.99  Inc Tax
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