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Desktop PC running hot, case fan failed? Need to renew the thermal paste, then we have what you need!
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Be Quiet! Thermal Grease (BZ001)
You want to protect your valuable CPU or GPU, and know that means keeping it cool. Besides upgrading to a world class CPU cooler like be quiet!’s Dark Rock, what would be the perfect accessory to pair with that? DC1 of course - be quiet!’s new high performance thermal compound for critical cooling applications.

Technical Data:
Type: Non-curing compound
Capacity: 3g
Thermal Conductivity: >7.5W/mK
Electrical Conductivity: No
Temperature Range: -50c to +150c

Silicone Compounds: 10%
Metal Oxide Compounds: 60%
Zinc Oxide Compounds: 30%
£5.99  Inc Tax
StarTech 80x25mm Computer Case Fan with PWM - Pulse Width Modulation Connector (FAN8025PWM)
The FAN8025PWM 80mm PWM Case Fan adds an efficient air cooling solution to computer cases or other enclosures, to keep components running optimally.

With Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology, the fan speed can be dynamically controlled by the motherboard, so the fan runs at a speed that suits the operating conditions - lowering power consumption and fan noise when the system is idle, and delivering maximum cooling under full load conditions.

Backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Connectors: LP4 (4 pin, PWM)
£7.99  Inc Tax
StarTech Tube CPU Thermal Paste Compound for Heatsinks - 20g (HEATGREASE20)
The HEATGREASE20 CPU Thermal Paste Compound can be used to improve the effectiveness of a CPU cooler, by thermally bonding the surface of the CPU to the heatsink, which enables the heatsink and fan to work more efficiently to remove harmful heat from the CPU.

This 20g tube of ceramic-based thermal grease is enough for a large number of CPU installations for most home or business computers or any other light application where good thermal bonding between two surfaces is required.
£6.00  Inc Tax
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